Friday, 22 March 2013

James McAvoy. Out from the Rags, into the Richest.

McAvoy is a genuine walking definition of going from rags to riches, as the saying goes.

From the then small time, rough ends of Shameless, to the elegant noir in Atonement and action rammed Wanted, we've seen  Glasgow boy James McAvoy go from boy, to man, to being the star of every feature he appears in.

(James McAvoy in Atonement 2007, from

A commentary on McAvoy would be false without first mentioning his raw artistic performances. There is no single film or TV show he appears in where passion and teeth-gritting reality doesn't go into each of his characters.

James is different. Different from 'Hollywood' stars such as Brad Pitt in that he's not generic. He's not as well known as some of the people he has worked alongside, such as Angelina Jolie and Keira Knightley. But yet every character is his own, personally I don't even recognise it is James sometimes. Just the character he so masterfully transforms into.

That is power. How else can one describe such talent?!
(Most powerful scene in Atonement. Notice McAvoy's facial expression, it's as though there's no script, no practice).

In just a 12 month period, we'll be seeing McAvoy in so many things my excitement cannot keep up with it all. Again, in just 12 months we get to see his work in:

• Trance by British directing phenomenon Danny Boyle (wow)
• British cop drama Welcome To The Punch
• Filth (my most anticipated one)
• Macbeth on stage

All this as well as Xmen prequel sequel Xmen: Days of Future Past. When James told Empire "I just want to do good stuff. Keep working. Be good. Be the best. Be the best one in the room. Win every award" he couldn't be more serious.

I predict this is going to be his year. That's one statement I look forward to saying 'I told you so'.

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