Monday, 11 March 2013

The 'Save Ancoats Hospital' campaign continues in strength and spirit!

The Ancoats Hospital, on Old Mill Street, Manchester, is under threat of being demolished by its developers Urban Splash, much to the disgust of the people of Ancoats...

The building opened in the 19th Century, and is at the heart of historical buildings in Manchester.
The people of Ancoats believe the building has a lot to offer the whole community, such as a wealth of history in serving the poor during the height of industrial Manchester. L.S Lowry, Manchester's proud fine artist, laid the foundations of the hospital and its wonders into one of his magnificent paintings in 1952.

L.S Lowry, 'Ancoats Hospital Outpatient's Hall' painting

The 'Save Ancoats Hospital' campaign is now on its 215th day, and is continuing to fight for the protection of Ancoats' heritage to be saved.

On Friday 8th March, 2013, campaign organisers created a 'curry night' event to raise more support for the Grade 2 listed building. I was invited along to find out more about the people involved. John Ryan and Josie Loftus, dedicated organisers and devoted campaigners of the cause told me the success they have made and what they would like to see happen...

(A short slideshow from the 'curry night' at the campaign site, Old Mill Street,) 
 The curry night was a huge success, attracting younger people with an interest in the building and older residents of Ancoats. Having lived in the area all my life, it was a very proud thing to see.
The Save Ancoats Hospital Facebook page has over 400 likes, and over 800 signatures have been signed in an e-petition to force the building developers Urban Splash to reconsider their plans to demolish the iconic building. You can join the petition here.

I am a supporter of this cause and believe it is a valuable piece of Ancoats history that should not be destroyed, to view more information of events and progress, view the dedicated website at

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